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I am Evan Wilkinson and I am a Community Filmmaker.

I provide hands on workshops and projects for children, young people and community groups of all abilities, both in schools or extra curricular groups, on the subjects of animation and filmmaking. I provide a safe, exciting environment that facilitates the learning of both technical skills and also personal development; for example, social skills, communication, confidence building and self-expression. You can choose from set workshops or I can produce bespoke plans to fit your needs.

I am CRB checked and have public liability insurance up to £10 million. As an experienced provider you can feel safe knowing that the experience I provide for you will be easy and straightforward, as well as inspirational.

I offer planned and bespoke filmmaking and animation workshops and training to children, young people and community groups of all ages and abilities. Scroll down to see the list of subjects on offer. Alternatively, I can develop a bespoke outline to fit your needs.

I am flexible to your requirements: whether that be a short workshop to learn skills over an afternoon or a few days, or a longer term project with a clear achievement and output at the end of it. These are hands on, active sessions and equipment can be provided if you do not have your own.

To see examples of my projects, please visit the main section of the blog at https://evanmakesfilms.wordpress.com


Animation For Beginners

Vintage Animation (Flick books and Zoetropes)

2D Drawn Animation

Paper Cut-Out Animation

Stop Motion Animation

Puppetry For Animation

Human Puppetry and Pixilation


Filmmaking For Beginners


Camera Basics

Editing Basics

Genre Discovery

Film Challenges

Special FX Make-Up For Beginners

Documentary Filmmaking

Directing Actors

Issue Based Projects

Technical Skills For Teachers

*Bespoke subjects also available.

How do these workshops benefit participants?

Participants will gain technical skills.

Workshops and projects are an exciting learning experience that will teach your group new skills in animation and filmmaking, from production, screenwriting and editing to camera skills, animation and performance.

Participants will gain personal development.

See your group develop communication and social skills, along with confidence and creativity. Workshops facilitate personal development for team working, leadership, empathy and problem solving. This is an opportunity to learn something new, look at life in a different way and for individuals to express themselves through creative activities.

All in a safe environment with an approachable experienced tutor.

As an experienced trainer I have worked with people of all ages and abilities. Providing an encouraging and safe environment allows pupils to try something new, feel enabled to experiment and develop a sense of ownership and achievement through positive engagement.

Ready to get going? Then please get in touch.

email: evanwilkinson@hotmail.com

telephone: 07834556703


Experience and Qualifications

I have 15 years experience of providing training to students across a range of ages and abilities, including young people with special needs.

I am Enhanced CRB checked and have public liability insurance coverage up to £10 million.

I have completed courses in Behaviour Management in Youth Arts and Industry Script Reading.

My degree in Contemporary Media Practices from the University of Westminster and my background in film and animation will provide your students with a practitioner whose knowledge and technical skills will encourage them to realise their own potential.

My Ethos

I believe in creating a safe and empowering learning environment by providing you with an approachable tutor, able to communicate with students of every age and ability.

I strive to create a secure and comfortable space for students to try new things, discuss issues and safely take on their own challenges.

As an organised project manager I will ensure that your experience is of an easy, smooth process and that your project is a success.

I am a passionate storyteller, who believes that film and animation can provide all kinds of people with a creative and positive outlet, to help them develop their own voice in a nurturing and fun environment.

I enjoy working with different communities and on projects that have a social benefit. Growing up, I learned a lot of what I know through the support of community groups and that will always be a big part of what I do and who I am as a filmmaker.

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