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Why we Need to Write Weaker Female Characters

Interesting discussion of female roles in film. I totally agree – “strong” women (as we know them on film) can be just as two dimensional and often serve as male wish fulfilment.

Tales from the Cutting Room Floor

Why we Struggle to Write Good Parts for Women ☛

I had a discussion online the other day with actress Alice Lowe about the portrayal of women on screen. The place of women in the film industry, on-screen and off, is something of a hot topic following the woeful under-representation of women at this year’s Oscars.

Alice Lowe demonstrates that Sara Lund doesn’t have the monopoly on knitwear.

Alice was talking about the screenplay for The Theory of Everything, in which Felicity Jones’s character was given little to do but provide moral support for the male lead, and ask questions that allowed him to provide learned exposition. This is the sort of thing that is massively unrewarding for the actress; Alice commented that too many parts for women are “struts or sluts”.

Statistics back her up – a recent report by the Center for the Study of Women in…

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